Banana:Benefit Of Eating Banana

September 3, 2018

Banana fruit is one of the best and oldest known fruit in the world,the fruit is very delicious and seedless and also very easy to purchase. The fruit is always available in all season.   Banana is a very hygienic fruit-cover with a germ proof package,the banana peel provide an excellent protection against any form […]

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healthy food of avocado

Healthy Food;Avocado The Best Healthy Food

September 2, 2018

The avocado fruit is a large fleshy pear-shape berry,it has a single large seed surrounded by buttery pulp and a hard skin. Avocado is a very healthy food and also very Nutritious,it contains a lot vitamin and a wide rang of Nutrients. The trees are ever green and it is shallow rooted and there are […]

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