Baby Name;Top 10 Baby Names In 2018

baby name

Baby name is one of the most talked about subject, when a  her mother is expecting baby; and also one of the most important choice you can make as a new parent expecting her child.

As a lady; nothing make you happy than the feeling of expecting your new born baby, you might be wondering which name will i name my baby when he or she finally arrive.

To help make the process a little bit easier, we have outline some baby names in which you can name your baby when they finally arrive.



Top 10 Baby Name You Can Name Your New Born Baby


The Name Isabella is meant for girls and it is derived from the name Isabel; Though the name is a biblical name, commonly use in the bible. The meaning of the name Isabella means “God Is My Oath”.



Chloe is a Greek name that was use to present Demeter, the goddess of fertility. The name Chloe is usually for girls; so if your baby is girl, i guess the name Chloe will be a perfect name for her.

The meaning of the name Chloe is “Young Green Shoot” or “blooming”.



Oscar is a popular boys name in some countries; countries like Brazil, Ireland and England. The name was derived from Old Norse- Which means “Gentle Friend”.



Abigail is one of those popular girls name; is a beautiful name meant for girls. The name Abigail is from Hebrew- meaning “Joy Of The Father”.



Jack is a name that men usually answer; Though the name is a nickname that was derived from the name John or James. Most times the name is been use as an expression in a cooperate environment; like, “Jack Of All Trade”.

Jack is an English Name.



Adele is a name that came from the German side; the name Adele are usually answer by Women- Though it has not been confirm maybe is a unisex name.

The meaning of Adele is “Noble or Kind”.


The origin of the name Freddie is from the Old German. This particular name always fit Boys; because is a Boys Name.

The meaning of the name Freddie Means “Peace”



Hannah is an Hebrew name; mostly use in the bible. The name Hannah is one of the best name you can name your daughter- is a girl’s name.

The Meaning Of Hannah Means “Grace Of God” Or “Favor”



The name Baldwin is an English name; mostly, men do answer the name. is one of those baby name you can give your son.

Baldwin Means “Bold Friend”.



Ava is a girlish name, girls usually answer the name. The origin of the name ‘Ava’ is from Hebrew. One of those lovely baby name that you can name your daughter.

The Meaning Of Ava Means “My Father” .