When To Take Pregnancy Test|Appropriate Time

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Most times women don’t know the appropriate time to have a pregnancy test, due to the fact that most women are conceiving for the first time. When to test pregnancy should not be an issue, as long as you have notice one or two changes within the body.

How Pregnancy Test Usually Work

Hey- thinking that you might be pregnant……..

Most couples when trying to practise the most effective birth control, there are slim chances that the woman might conceive during this process, Because it takes just a little drop of sperm for the egg to fertilise. So for you to be sure maybe you are pregnant or not, an Over-The-Counter {OTC} pregnancy test is required.

Over-The-Counter {OTC} pregnancy test- usually test your urine for a particular hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin {HCG}. The hormone HCG is only present if only you are pregnant; the human chorionic gonadotropin {HCG}, which is the hormone is made available right after a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of a woman uterus.

This process usually take place some days after fertilization {but not always}; maybe six to seven days in most cases. If pregnant; the levels of the human chorionic gonadotropin {HCG} will continue to rise rapidly, may be two to three days at most.

When To Test Pregnancy

If you are trying to get pregnant or thinking that you might be pregnant, you probably might have experience the stress of- when to take a pregnancy test. Most especially when you are experiencing early signs of pregnancy symptoms such as headache, fatigue, or nausea; most times when you start experiencing all this signs, it can be really hard for you to resist testing early.

>>You might be asking; do i really need to wait until the first day or week of my missed period  or can i test earlier.

>>Quick Advice;

  • It is not advisable to take a pregnancy test some days past ovulation{D.P.O}
  • When carrying out the test, always make use of high quality pregnancy test equipments
  • Repeat the test as often; maybe two to three times, regardless of the previous results.

Testing of pregnancy don’t usually have a specific day or time; but in the case of testing early, you should bear mind that even if the result is not showing positive; you may still be pregnant. Because most cases, the levels of human chorionic gonadotropin{hCG} in the woman body varies, and when this happens; enough hormone for the test to give positive results may not be present. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin{hCG} usually raise in the early pregnancy stage, which means that if you carry out the test again on the day of your expected period, your results might be above 90 percent accuracy.

Kindly Note This Signs To Know Maybe You Are Pregnant

There are some pregnancy symptoms to look out for, to know maybe you are pregnant or not…

Pregnancy symptoms…..

  • Cramps
  • Missed period
  • Breast e t c

Types Of Pregnancy Test

There are two main types of pregnancy test; 

  1. Urine Test
  2. Blood Test
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Urine Pregnancy Test

Urine Test can be done at the comfort of your home or in the hospital at the doctors office. Most times home pregnancy test usually detects hCG during the time of your missed period, and one special thing about home pregnancy test is that, it is very convenient and private.

When To Carry Out Urine Test

Most medical practitioner usually recommend that; always be patient until the first day of your missed period before carrying out a urine pregnancy test. This is usually done about two weeks after conception, sometimes some test are more sensitive than others; so it is advisable to take the test earlier.

The Accuracy Of Urine Pregnancy Test

Urine pregnancy test has a high percentage of 98% accuracy when done perfectly; which can be done at the comfort of your home and it gives you immediate results.

But if the test is done incorrectly or taken too early,you might not get a perfect results, if the results is negative and you still feel some pregnancy symptoms; {such as fatigue, nausea, missed period}, kindly wait for one or two weeks before carrying out another test.

Ways Of Collecting Urine For Pregnancy Test

There are different method of collecting  a urine for a pregnancy test; depending on the test method you choose, you may check out the following method below;

  • Kindly put some urine in a dry and clean cup and deep the testing stick into the urine
  • Put some of your urine in a cup and use an eyedropper to move a very small amount of urine into a special container
  • The testing stick should be placed properly into the area where the urine flows, in other for it to get a perfect result

statistically most test are 99 percent accurate, if done correctly and taken after your missed period. After the test has been done, kindly wait for the recommended time to view the outcome of the results.

After the waiting time might have elapsed, the test result will be shown in one of the following ways

  •  it will show a line or;
  • change in color or;
  • a plus or minus symbol.

>>Quick Advice....

When purchasing the pregnancy test equipment, always look out for a well known pharmacy or a recommended medical centre; because the products usually comes with instructions on how to use it. kindly follow the instruction carefully in other to get a perfect and accurate results.

After testing, it is advisable to see the doctor for the confirmation of results, which also; the doctor can check if there is any other problem; and can also perform more sensitive pregnancy tests.

urine cup

Blood pregnancy test

Blood pregnancy test are usually done at the doctor’s office for save and accurate results, the blood pregnancy test are not common; unlike the urine test. The blood test normally detect the pregnancy earlier than the urine test because it has to do with the blood; and special equipment are use in carrying out this kind of test. Kindly note that this kind of test {Blood Test} usually take longer period of time to get the result.; unlike urine test which you can get the results earlier or within some hours.

Pregnancy Blood Test- Do i Really Need To Do This?

Hey; you might be wondering;-

  • Do i really need to do a pregnancy blood test;
  • Is it compulsory to go to the hospital for a pregnancy blood test; 
  • Urine test done at home and Blood test done at the hospital; are there any difference?

If the urine test done at home did not give you the accurate result, it is advisable to see a medical doctor to carry out a blood test for best result.

>>Quick Note

  • Some women do not need a blood test to confirm their pregnancy; because the women body varies from each other
  • When doing blood test, doctors usually test for other harmful infection such as bacteria that may be dangerous to the baby
  • Urine test done at home are very accurate when done properly
  • Blood test equipments are develop in such a way that it can detect complication{complication such as preeclampsia and preterm birth}
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Test Pregnancy

Two main Types Of Blood Test

There are two main types of blood test that are available:-

  • Qualitative hCG test
  • Quantitative hCG test

Qualitative hCG Test

The qualitative hCG test usually checks to see if the hCG is present; if present, it will display yes to the answer but if the hCG is not present, it will display no to the answer. Most doctors before carrying out this particular test usually ask “are you pregnant” if the answer to the question is yes. They will perform a qualitative test to confirm the pregnancy, some of these test can detect the hCG much earlier than expected.

Quantitative hCG Test

A quantitative hCG test also known as {beta hCG} usually measures the level of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin {hCG} in the body, most times it can even find a very low level of hCG in the woman body.

The quantitative hCG pregnancy test can be helpful in identifying any problems during the pregnancy stage: and also it can measure the effectiveness of hCG in the body.

The blood quantitative hCG test in combination with other test can also be use to remove a tubal pregnancy {ectopic pregnancy}.

The Accuracy Of Pregnancy Test

First thing in the morning should be the first time to perform a pregnancy test, because during these period the urine is more concentrated: and it may also give you an accurate results when done properly.

Both urine test and blood test can give an accurate results, but the blood test is more safer and accurate.

In other for you to get an accurate results during home pregnancy test {urine test}, you need to follow the instructions properly and very closely and also you need to check how often you do ovulate in your circle and soon implantation occurs.

Pregnancy Test Results: What Dose It mean?

You might be wondering after carrying out the test, how will I know may be it is a positive results or a negative results.

It is very important to know all these signs when performing a pregnancy test, most especially: when the test was done base on urine test.

Pregnancy Test Results: What It Means

There are two main types of pregnancy test results:

  • The positive results
  • The negative results

Positive Results

When you had a positive test results during pregnancy test, it means that your are pregnant. Most women usually call or visit their doctors in other to confirm the pregnancy test results: regardless of that, no matter how faint the line, color or signs is; once the results shows positive, it means that you are pregnant.

Although in most cases you might have a false positive results, but these cases are very rare, but when these happens; it means that you are not pregnant but the test results still indicates that you are pregnant. Most especially; when protein or blood is found in the urine, these may also give a false positive pregnancy test results.

>>Quick Advice

It is advisable to always visit the hospital or your doctor to confirm the test results.

Negative Results

After carrying out a pregnancy test and the test results are negative, it is likely that you may not be pregnant. Because most times the results might not be accurate; especially if the pregnancy test was done at home{urine test}.

Most times you may still be pregnant, if after carrying out the test and the test results are negative.

Testing Strip

Below are some reasons that you may still be pregnant after a pregnancy test shows a negative results

  • If large amount fluid is present and the urine is too diluted before taking the test; these may also give a negative results while you may be pregnant, because the urine is not clean. To get a perfect results always carry out a urine test in the morning.
  • If the test has past its expiration date; that may also give you a negative results.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to carry out a pregnancy test, because when the test is done too soon, it may also give you a negative results. To get a perfect results; enough hCG must be present.
  • Taking medication during pregnancy test, may also give you a negative results; medication such as antihistamines or diuretics.
  • Carrying out the test in a wrong way, may also trigger a negative pregnancy test results

Before carrying out a pregnancy test always be sure that; the above outline reasons are always in checked in other for you to get a perfect results. If after doing the test and the test results still came out negative, be patient and try doing the test again after some days or a week to be sure of the results. Some urine test may demand this regardless of the previous results.

If during the test results, and you are having two different results; which you may not know which one is accurate. kindly go to the medical centre or visit your doctor to perform a blood test, so that you can confirm the accurate results; because blood test is more accurate than urine test.

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