Pregnancy Symptoms:Early Signs To Know That You Are Pregnant

pregnancy symptoms

Are you thinking that you might be pregnant or you are pregnant?The best way to clear your doubt is by visiting your Doctor and carry out a pregnancy test.Although there are some pregnancy symptoms you will experience during this period.


But There Are Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy Signs To Watch Out For:


Pregnancy Symptoms To Watch Out For:

Pregnancy symptoms differ from each other,Every woman is different so also is their symptoms of pregnancy,not every woman has the same symptoms during pregnancy.

One of the most significant way to know maybe you are Pregnant  is when your period is delayed.


Below Are The Symptoms To Watch Out For During Pregnancy:-


This is one of the most difficult pregnancy symptoms,because most times it takes away your energy and makes you feel weak.This symptoms is very common during early pregnancy.


Breast Changes:-

Your breast will begin to develop due to the hormone changes of the body, because of the changes the breast may become swollen or heavier for a period of one to two weeks after conception, during this period you might feel some pains but after one to two weeks the pain will reduce because the breast has already adjust to the new body system.



Frequent urination might occur,Don`t be surprise if you feel like you have to urinate more often.It may not be one of the early signs of pregnancy symptoms you may notice but it will definitely happen because it is among the standard of pregnancy symptoms that you will experience.


Morning Sickness:-

Nausea also known as morning sickness usually occur during the fourth to sixth weeks,it can occur during the day or night. Although morning sickness is a famous symptoms of pregnancy but not every woman experience it.

The real cause of nausea is not known but it is believed that pregnancy hormone likely contribute to this symptoms.



Missed Period:-

You may likely miss your next period five weeks after conception,it is one of the most early symptoms of pregnancy. Although not all delayed period are caused by pregnancy,sometimes delayed period can be cause when you lost or gain much weight,stress and hormonal problems can also cause it.

Although a missed period is one of those pregnancy symptoms that all expectant women will have to experience.

If you are not still sure maybe you are pregnant kindly visit your Doctor to carry out a pregnancy test.



cramping is one of the early signs of pregnancy symptoms,sometimes it is very difficult to differentiate between early pregnancy symptoms and sign that your period is about to flow especially when it comes to cramping.

some women usually experience at least some cramping during their pregnancy,most time it occurs from five to twelve days after the eggs might have been fertilized.


Mood swings:-

mood swings is another common pregnancy symptoms most especially during the first trimester. Things you like when you were not pregnant might be the worst thing you will love to see or smell during pregnancy,although no one knows why pregnant women always feel this way during pregnancy.