Best Parenting Styles Guidance You Can Practice

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Parenting job is one of the hardest task to do, because when you start giving birth, you will start experiencing the job of been a parents of which you least prepared for. The way and manner at which we raise the young ones will determine how the world will be in future because they are the future generation.

Wikipedia defines parenting as the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.  

Children needs love and care, we all want to become the best parent in the world that our children can be proud of. But before this goal can be achieve, we all need to raise a child who will be kind and successful.

According to Charles Raison Quotes; one generation of deeply loving parents would change the brain of the next generation and with that, the world.

The love and care the young ones receive from their parents goes a very long way, because it will shape them to become who they wish to become in future, and also build their self-esteem to adulthood.

Children are the most important asset in a country, for them to become the asset they must receive education and love from their parents. [Nelson Mandela}

We all know that they are still developing socially and emotionally, therefore our guidance as parents are needed for them to grow.

Effective Ways Of Good Parenting Styles Guidance

Here Are Some Effective Tips That Can Help You Become The Best Parents In The World

Parenting Tips:-

  • Always Have Time For Your Kids:-

Always make out time for your kids, because the time you both spend together is always important. Most families or parents sometimes find it difficult to spend some time with their kids or have some family meals together, when these happens; your kids will start misbehaving because they feel neglected, thinking that they don’t get enough time needed from their parents.

Parenting Advice:-

For your kids not to feel that they are been neglected, always create time for them; children love going out, always take them out for a date, plan a family lunch or dinner in one of the best restaurant in town, go to the cinema together and have fun. Create a bound that they will never forget and make them feel the love you have for them.


Parenting Tips:-

  • Treat Your Kids The Manner At Which You Want Them To Treat Themselves:-

The manner at which we raise our kids or treat them will determine how they will treat themselves; when we are hash to them, they will be hash to themselves; when we show them the love they deserve, they will love themselves unconditionally. Remember that they are just little children, so what they see is what they learn.

When you are hash with your kids it will limit their potential and lower their self-esteem, they will start feeling unhappy and less love.

Though while expressing your unconditional love for them also set some limit, so that they will not start misbehaving; thinking that, when they misbehave you can’t discipline them. As a good parents you should be able to balance these two rules {LOVE AND DISCIPLINE}

Parenting Advice:-

As a parent; not all wrong doing we have to scold our kids, they are some offences we ought to correct them with love. Because the more we scold them- the more they feel less love and afraid.

We should always learn to draw them closer whenever they are afraid, in so doing- we are building their self-esteem and showing them the love they deserve.

Parenting Tips:-

  • Be Their Number One Fan Or Role Model:-

Role models are people we look up to in other for us to emulate their lifestyle.

As a parent you need to be their number one fan or role model, someone they can look up to and emulate their life style- let them learn your similar way of life or doing things. Before you do anything or carryout some actions always remember that you are constantly been watch by your kids.

It is what they see with their eyes is what they will practice and live by it, remember that they are young and naïve, they know nothing about the consequences of the kind of life they will live; either positive or negative life.

Parenting Advice:-

Live a good life; as a parent always portrait good manners to others, show some respect to people who deserve it and always be thankful to people who you come across, help the needy and show love to the less privilege. In so doing, you are automatically teaching your kids how to live a good life and show respect to others.

Parenting Tips:-

  • Communication Is Very Important:-

When you want your kids to do something always communicate to them in a way that they will understand, just because you are the parents doesn’t mean you talk to them in an aggressive manner. They deserve some explanation why you want them to carry out that particular task.

When you fail to communicate or take your time to explain to them, they may feel that you are been aggressive towards them and begin to have some doubt maybe you are their true parents.

Kid’s maybe funny sometimes, a lot of things can be running inside their head- making them to have some negative thought, for them not to have those mindset, communicate with them often.

Parenting Advice:-

Communicate with your kids regularly, if there is any kind of problem that is disturbing their life; call them together and address the issue. Always make them understand the consequences of their action, try and always encouraging them in whatever they are doing- by so doing you are building their self-esteem.

Kids tends to make friends easily- become their best friend.

Always be willing to offer solution in whatever they find difficult to solve. Draw them closer and make them feel save in their own fear.

parent and child


Parenting Tips:-

  • Be Their Home Teacher:-

After school hours always bring your kids together and teach them something new. Be a parents they can easily have access to; always find time to read stories for them because kids love listening to the voice their parents.

According to research parents who tends to always read stories for their children, helps them in creating a special bond and also building their brain cell.

Parenting Advice:-

As a good parent always buy good story books with pictures for your children, story books that they can read and understand easily. Most times create time to read along with them; not only you are building their future for them but you are also creating a reading habit they will enjoy for a lifetime.

Parenting Tips:-

  • Love Your Kids Unconditionally:-

Trust me little children knows when they are been love by their parents. As a good parents you should know how to love your kids unconditionally, show them the best love that they deserve; try to balance your affection for them.

Always express your love for them in a way that they will feel it and not question their existence in your life.

Parenting Advice:-

Whenever your kids do the wrong thing; scold them with love, avoid blaming or criticizing them. Make them understand that you love them but what they are doing is wrong; remember- when talking to them let your voice be cool and calm, so that it will not create any form of fear or resentment.

Parenting Tips:-

  • Build Your Child’s Self Esteem:-

Help your children in building their self-esteem because little children starts developing their sense of human while growing up. When these young ones are growing; they always look up to their parents, so whenever you are talking to them or trying to correct them; always mind the kind of language you use on them. Always remember that these young ones are very sensitive.

Languages like- abusive words or commanding words.

Parenting Advice:-

Always encourage your kids whenever you see them doing something. Let the words that is coming out of your mouth be full of praise; because when you encourage them or praise them- you are building their self-esteem, not only that; you are also encouraging them to do more- meaning that you are proud of them.

As adults love been praise; so also is the little children, like we discuss in the last parenting tips; when scolding them- scold them with a mild voice.

mother and son

Parenting Tips:-

  • Set Some Limits And Have Principle:-

Discipline is one of the major thing in every house, home where there is no discipline tends to be wayward. As a good parents always discipline your children and set some limit. Although since they are young and naïve; they might test or try to go beyond those limits.

Have some laid down principles which they will abide to; and also as a parent be consistent with the principles.

Parenting Advice:-

Create house rules because this will help your kids to understand their limit at which they can go, and also be consistent with the rules. Always make them understand that when they go against the rules; they will be punish.

When you have all these in place, you are helping them to grow and become the adult you will love to see, not only that; they will grow up and become responsible and be useful to the community at large.