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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Have a Secret

Did you ever had a secret that is almost delicious? The kind that you think about sharing but is so good that you want to keep it to yourself and savor it for a while? For the past few days I've caught myself smiling for no particular reason and I'll realize it's because of my little secret.

I know enough with the suspense already! Last Friday and I did something that I've been putting off for 5 years now. I went and met with the admissions counselor at the vet school where I declined my acceptance. The meeting was absolutely fantastic. I do not need to retake any classes or take any additional classes. If all goes according to plan I will be reapplying in 18 months for the fall of 2012 class of 2016! That's my secret. And I just can't stop smiling about it.
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